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Self Assessments Wirral

All individuals and partnerships must submit Self Assessments Wirral to the Inland Revenue by 31 January to avoid a fine. Limited Companies have to submit a Self-Assessment return within 9 months of their end of year

The regime is filled with penalties and HMRC enquiry powers are extensive. It is vital that:

  • Returns are accurately finished
  • They are filed by the due date
  • All back up records are kept

An individual’s Self-Assessment return is over 10 pages long and with ancillary information can often be much more. We at Wirral Bookkeeping remove the burden of completion of Self Assessment Returns from our customers


Bookkeeping Services for SME’s in the North West

we do self assessments wirral

Our service for self assessments also includes :

Calculating overall Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax liabilities and informing on due dates of payment
Lessening payments on account for the following year if appropriate
Negotiating with the Collector of Taxes for time for you to pay if needed
Dealing with all correspondence from HMRC
We take away all the worry connected to completion of Self Assessment Returns

Additionally,we don’t just look at returns in isolation but we view the information to see where we can offer tax advice in order to reduce individuals and partnership’s tax liabilities.


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