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Administering payroll is becoming progressively burdensome for many firms, taking more and more time away from primary business functions. It is becoming increasingly challenging to keep up with the complicated taxation and employment legislation and the requirement to be compliant in order to avoid fees and penalties.

Luckily payroll can easily be taken away from your many other accounting activities and outsourced to a specialist firm such as our team of payroll experts. Our BACS approved bureau has a dedicated team of professionals specialising in payroll services Wirral who will provide you with a fully comprehensive, secure and confidential cost efficient payroll service to include the following:


  • Management of PAYE and national insurance.
  • Preparation and completion of statutory forms for workers including P60s, P35 year-end returns and submission to HMRC.
  • Wage summaries and nominal analysis of workforce costs

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Controlling a payroll, is no trivial process.

Throughout each transaction cycle you are under time limits to make sure :

  • Salary and earnings are arranged on time.
  • There can be no over-payments or under-overpayments.
  • Tax, national insurance and pension reductions are correctly worked out.
  • Overtime income, pay rises and additional bonuses are correctly included.
  • Things like loan repayments or charity donations are accurately applied into account.
  • Every detail are clearly presented on each staff members payslip.

Our payroll services Wirral and our system is developed to maintain these duties quickly and efficiently, reducing the kind of payroll complications that can steer to an unfulfilled employees.


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In addition to offering exceptional payroll services Wirral, we offer professional assistance on tax and employment legal guidelines. Wirral Bookkeeping stay updated of current developments and notify you to changes that might have an effect on you and the fellow workers. What we supply goes well over and above the services of a regular payroll institution. While they simply process salaries and wages, we manage your whole payroll procedure.

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