have always been fascinated my numbers; knowing that there are a hundred trillion atoms in each cell, and about the same number of cells in the body; that the earth spins at a dizzying 1,000 miles an hour whilst hurtling through space at 67,000 miles per hour! 
These things blew by mind as a child and drew be towards maths at an earlier age. 

I left school in 1987 and joined Rushworths Music House in the heart of Liverpool as a junior accounts clerk, and shortly after was employed as a trainee bookkeeper by a city centre firm of Chartered Accountants called Verinders & Co.

In those days bookkeepers didn’t use computers or software. Instead books were kept in hand written ledgers, and my older colleagues wouldn’t even use a calculator to add columns of figures but could add them up faster in their heads!

1988 – 1992: It was during these years I honed my skills and moved up quickly through the practice, working on a wide variety of bookkeeping and accounts assignments for a large portfolio of clients, I passed various bookkeeping and accountancy exams during these years two.

I married my wife Joanne in 1991 and today have two amazing children, James 17 and Rebecca 22. In 1992 – 1999 I gained more experience working for a number of Wirral based Chartered Accountant practices, finally finding myself at one of the largest firms on the Wirral, the Priory Partnership.

I decided to go self employed in 1999 and since that time have worked as a freelance bookkeeper working for my own private clients and sub-contracting to numerous firms of Accountants. The AfricanTrust.org: In 2005, I travelled to Zululand to find and help a young AIDS orphans I had seen dying on TV. I found the young boy, and thousands more orphans, and this lead me to help provide over a million school meals to these children between 2005 – 2010.

My projects proved so profound that by 2010 even the president of South Africa had heard of my work! In the same year the government used my schemes as a blueprint to take over and expand them, feeding approx 70,000 children a day through similar schemes. Since that time over 90 million school meals have been provided to these children, and I continued my work through a charity I formed the AfricanTrust.org.

Over the years computers and bookkeeping software have improved dramatically and risen in popularity. Today I am experienced at keeping records in various ways including Excel, Sage, Iris, Xero and Quick Books.

Having worked with hundreds of business over the last 29-years, I also have a tremendous amount of business experiences, which I know will prove invaluable to you and your business. If you need help with your bookkeeping, find it a headache or have a backlog, please feel free to give me a call on 0783 773 1131.